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Our Quality Policy

  • If you have any doubts concerning the quality of the merchandise, do not install the floor.

    The installer and/or the owner assume final inspection responsibility for product quality. All flooring should be inspected prior to installation. Carefully examine flooring for color, grade, finish, and general quality before installing it.

  • Your presence during installation is crucial.

    If you decide to hire an installer who will install your hardwood floor without your supervision, it is your responsibility to ensure the good judgment of the installer. The installer should be selective when assessing the quality of the wood and grading, and when arranging floorboards according to the natural color variations of the species selected. If you are present during the installation of your floor, you can ask your installer to place boards in areas that are less visible and according to your taste. Argyle Flooring cannot be held responsible for any unpleasant surprise resulting from the installer’s lack of judgment.

  • Certain conditions apply to make your warranty valid.

    The flooring must have been purchased through an authorized distributor. You must be the initial owner of the floor and have a copy of your proof of purchase. When dealing with the ¾ inch solid hardwood, the floor must not have been installed in a basement, directly on a concrete floor, or in a room with a radiant heating system. All items commonly known as rustic/tavern, second quality, imperfect or non-standard are not covered by the warranty. These types of products are sold “as is.” Installation and maintenance recommendations must have been followed.

  • You must send a written claim notice in order to put your warranty to use.

    Send a claim notice to Argyle Flooring within 30 days following the purchase, with a copy of the original receipt. When a claim is received, Argyle Flooring will inspect the product within 30 days. During this period any attempt to repair, replace or refinish the floor will void the warranty.